Iballa Moreno


Iballa Moreno (Severne / Severne Sails / Maui Ultra Fins) is one of the most successful female watersports, sports-women, to have ever lived. In 2018, Iballa not only won the Wave PWA Wave World Championship, but also the SUP world title. Shortly there we be a documentary to illustrate her success - you can see the trailer @

Description: "After more than two decades in the world class of sports and overcoming different personal and sporting challenges of great significance, Iballa Runao Moreno achieved in 2018 an historical landmark unprecedented in professional sports: winning the world championships in the same year of the PWA World Circuit of Windsurf and the APP World Tour of Stand Up Paddle. This milestone never before achieved by an active athlete, highlights the level of dedication and improvement that the Moreno Twins twins, and specifically Iballa Ruano, have been successfully reaping for so many years. However, the road was never easy. Corazóndeescamas is a short biographical documentary told in the first person and that shows the most intimate part of its history and is dedicated with great affection to the Ruano Moreno family."

Authors: Super User

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