Jaeger Stone Wins Margaret River Wave Competition

Jaeger Stone wins Margaret River Wave competition and tells us it was tough conditions until late in the day. Some sets were massive!




The Margaret River wave event was held in really big conditions this year. The wind was a little more south than usual so the sets were big, bumpy and unpredictable. It was hard to figure out and I didn’t really find much in my first couple of heats. Unfortunately, I had to go up against Scotty just before the finals. He pushes me so hard out there, it’s always fun sailing with him and it was a bummer we weren’t both in the final. I used my SB 76Ultrakode and 4.4 SV S-1 Pro. Overall it was a really fun day with big waves and big wipeouts. Thanks to all the organizers and locals!

-Jaeger Stone




Margaret River Wave Classic 2020Thank you to all competitors, volunteers, spectators and sponsor for making this event possible. The conditions were epic and wave riding skills on display were just amazing.Special thanks and credit to The Cutter Family for working tirelessly on the event. Both Phil and Becs have done outstanding with planning, organising, implementing, competing and judging in the event all that while looking after their offspring (thank God for grandparents 😉 ) , Phill’s Dad help with set up and photography was very much appreciated!TEAM WWA

Geplaatst door Windsurfing Western Australia op Zondag 9 februari 2020

This video shows how big some of the sets were!

Photos by Nicolas Hess

Authors: Oda Johanne

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