Interview With Motoko Sato from Japan

Motoko Sato is a female windsurfer from Japan. She impressed the whole windsurfing world with her sailing at Hookipa during the last Aloha Classic event. She finished on the podium behind Sarah-Quita Offringa and Iballa Moreno. We took a quick word with her!


Hi Motoko! 

When did you start windsurfing and what keeps you busy?

I started windsurfing as a college student and that´s almost 30 years ago now! I have two kids and I’m busy taking care of them and being a housewife. I enjoy the ocean with my kids as much as possible which is really great. 

We saw that you won Aloha Classic already 15 years ago. How did your competition career start? 

When I was in college, I was in a course race and aimed for the Olympics.After graduating, I started competing in wave events.Yes, I won PWA Hawaii Pro and local Aloha Classic in 2004.




You sailed really well at Hookipa, Maui. Do you spend a lot of time there? 

I went to Maui for the first time when I was in my third year of college, and after graduating I have been to Maui for about three months every year. Hookipa is my second home spot. The experience was helpful at the event to finish on the podium.

What is your biggest motivation with windsurfing?

It´s never endless.Always be humble.


What is your favorite Starboard board?




How is the windsurfing community in Japan? 

There are many older people who enjoy windsurfing in Japan, but it is great to see people that are working hard to plan and manage junior events to keep the younger generation active so the sport can grow.

Omaezaki, where I live, has strong wind during the winter season and this is the best spot in Japan.

Do you windsurf with your family often or are you the only one windsurfing?

 My husband is also a windsurfer and a good sailor. My kids also windsurf in Kanaha, Maui.


What is your advice to women who want to start wave sailing?

 I think it is good to go step by step without overdoing it.And have fun with your friends!




We really enjoyed this interview with Motoko Sato from Japan. And if you want to follow Motoko´s adventures make sure to follow her on instagram. 

Authors: Oda Johanne

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