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Thomas Goyard (FMX Racing / Phantom Sails / Phantom Foils) had to deal with the bitter blow of missing out on a potential first event victory in Japan with the wind dropping just before Elimination 4, which would have given the Frenchman the discard he so badly needed. However, just a few weeks later those lows have been replaced with a new high with Goyard successfully capturing the 2019 Catalunya Costa Brava PWA World Cup with a spectacular display - particularly in the upwind/down wind racing, which saw the 27-year-old  claim 3 bullets, a second, two 4th’s, a 9th while discarding a 24th from the 7 upwind/down eliminations. After getting his hands on his first win on the world tour we caught up with Thomas for an interview:

Congratulations Thomas - how are you feeling after winning your first event on the world tour?

“I feel super good . It’s crazy.”

Taken from Social Media with a bit more time to reflect an let the victory sink it: "Missing words to say how stoked I to share a World Cup podium with those 2 legends, Julien Bontemps and Matteo Iachino, I actually feel mixed emotions [looking back at podium pic], in between proud, surprised, thankful, relieved, hungry for more, deeply happy. I need to get use to them probably. Anyway, it’s such a good sensation !

Also, congrats to all the sailors because everybody is pushing hard, I feel the level is gonna evolve a lot and quickly from now, I hope to keep up with the move in this great dynamic of technique and gear improvements 

Looking forward to the 2 next possible events in Sylt and Noumea. Everything is possible for the world title, there are about 8-10 guys playing for it! It’s gonna be so interesting. Thanks again to Phantom International and FMX Racing.”

Was it quite a nervous wait for you on the last day in Costa Brava?

“Yeah, I was definitely a bit nervous as I really didn’t sail good on the last day [Slalom Foil}, but I know the reason behind that. I just need to go away and tweak a few little things to do with the angles and then just having a bit better luck in the gybes. Things can change very fast.”

In the upwind/downwind racing you were outstanding - how pleased were you with your performance?

“I’m super happy about my skills in the upwind/downwind, but even in the Slalom Foil I felt like I could be in the top 5 or 6 with the right settings, which at my weight is okay.”

Everyone knows about the situation you were in in Japan where you were needing a discard to have a shot at the event win… does it feel good to be able to replace those memories with a victory here.

“Please stop talking about this… yeah… I’m super happy now, but for sure Japan is a bit hard for me, but I am learning and everyone makes mistakes. I guess like the year will be more exciting like this, but now there will be more pressure.”

How long have you been foiling?

I started about 3 years ago.

What’s your opinion on Foil Slalom?

“I like it and enjoy it. It’s super fun to race like this, but I would prefer that they do only Slalom [Foil] or upwind, not the two combined, but once you are racing in it it’s great.”

Thanks, Thomas. Congratulations once again on your first victory on the world tour.

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