Rob Hofmann – The Fast Speed Sailor

Update from Robert Hofmann´s last Speed Competition:

“l just won the  2019 “Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Worldwide Speed Challenge”, that was on during the DEFI WIND event in France.

With a speed of 40,21 knots on a 500-meter run, I was the fastest in the World the days the challenge was on!

I used a Severne Mach 2 6.2 and Starboard iSonic 55 Speed/Slalom.




The days before the Speed Challenge, I was training in La Franqui (Leucate/France), and I also did a new personal max speed with 49,76 knots (92,13 km/h). I managed to do 500-meter with a speed of 45.43 knots, which is the third fastest time in 2019 on a 500-meter run.







Authors: Oda Johanne

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