Sunday 11th December

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12 years 6 months ago #1832 by Denis
Replied by Denis on topic Re: Sunday 11th December
North West Wales for me. Had a bit of a disaster. Went out on a 4.5 and first run the boom snapped, a brand new Chinook Carbon. Off to the shop tomorrow to hopefully get it sorted. Problem was it went downhill from there. I was fortunate that I still had my old North Aly boom in the van so a quick re-rig and off again. 2 or 3 runs later the extension went bang leaving me a half mile swim back to shore. So there goes a Chinook carbon extension in the same session. As bunnies go I was not a happy one with expletives coming left right and center.

I carried on regardless however with a nice Naish firestick which has seen a hard life yet is still going strong. Managed another hour or so on the water grabbing some great rides as the session went on. Left the wetsuit in the van but it is raining and far to cold to go and get it. Must remember in the morning as next week looks the dogs danglies.

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12 years 6 months ago #1833 by graemef
Replied by graemef on topic Re: Sunday 11th December
Well I'm going to post more stuff like that here, i'd like to get this place alive and kicking a bit more, I'm so pissed at that mpora bunch and Jones especially, so I can't say I enjoy 'supporting' that forum since they profit from it.

Today I found the originals of some very early wave jump shots taken at Eastbourne in the late seventies, I've come across the bit of film of Jurgen Honsheid carve gybing at Weymouth, got loads of Black & White stuff from Gods knows where and when, it'll be fun finding out if anyone recognises themselves.

As to basher talking about what it takes for a forum, what it takes is just a bunch of like minds talking about stuff they enjoy, and getting answers to questions they ask without being patronised, if he never shows up it'll be too soon.

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12 years 2 months ago - 12 years 2 months ago #1928 by jimbo
Replied by jimbo on topic Re: Sunday 11th December
I spent Sunday looking after poorly Number 1 girl... she's better now, but I'll forgive her for making me watch 'Tangled' twice over as she picked the right day to run a temperature, no wind on Sunday.

I did manage to edit my video from Saturday, I posted it in HWIFY and got some good pointers & comments from JK, Arf and Duncan before the Boards Screen of Death... here it is again:
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