Wednesday 7 Dec 11

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11 years 5 months ago #1793 by richardvanaken
Hopefully a busy thread today B)

Very cold here in the midlands, around 5 degrees air temp. Body was warm in the winter suit, but the hands just get too cold to do anything fancy. Decent weather for grooving, but not for trying new stuff. Hope you all enjoy a decent day windsurfing.

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11 years 5 months ago #1794 by phill104
Replied by phill104 on topic Re: Wednesday 7 Dec 11
It was relatively toasty at West Witts today. Met Eric down there and plenty out.

I rigged a 4.5 on the 80 but was well maxed. Should have rigged the 4.0 but just held on. Plenty of jumps that I didn't want to do and a few that I did. No wave riding so to speak as it was more of a lumpy mess though Eric came in beaming after a nice 3 bottom turn run.

What was also a bit of a shock was that most of the time the 80 felt too big. I never thought I would say that just a couple of years back especially as I weigh 86kg.

Had a little scare on the beach too where all my kit board, rig and all, got blown out of my hands and did a double endo down the beach. I am glad it is sand there not the usual sarf coast shingle. No damage done to anything bar my ego.

Back home now and about to head off to Lunnon for the forumites drinkies. Tomorrow I will head Brogwards and try and do some speed runs. Doubt I will beat Mike's 40mhp + speeds but I am going to give it a shot if it stays windy enough.

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11 years 5 months ago #1800 by Erik the Viking
West Witts with Phill.

4.7 84l combo. Mostly over powered in confused sea condtions. Had a great time and always good to be out on the water or gossiping on the beach!!

Few drinks in Lunnon in the evening and even managed to get the same train home as the Mrs.

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