which type of 105lt board in chop and swell?

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Replied by the badger on topic JP 104
The Badger sails a JP 104 Super cross. The stripey headed little fellow, being helium filled, usually chooses a 7.5 mtr sail but has been known to use an 8mtr if one is left unattended on the lakeside. This nocturnal and charming animal would highly recommend the super cross range at or around this litre size. Light wind but choppy days will see him using every available small ramp to leap into the sky. If Tricky Wicky is out on the water with him on his s-type he will be totally out-gunned by the Badger on the JP. The badger is quicker to plane, goes deeper into the gybe and despite his little paws scrabbling round on the board grip will tack faster, even at the lumpy gnarly end of the lake.
Recently, The Badger, international tourist that he is, travelled with Ticky Wicky to Sotavento. Having not visited before, but having been lured there by talk of traffic free roads (more chance of getting across intact) and impressive wind statistics.
Having the Brogborough lake mindset the Badger imagined that wherever he went, the wind would be elsewhere so booked a supercross 106 to float about on.
The wind god took pity on the little stripey, but incredibly cute, fellow and sent him a force 6 to 7 for the duration of the week.
Mrs Badger, after an altercation with the German contingent over a sunbed, made getting a board change to something smaller a bit remote, so the badger stuck with his jp supercross 106 despite having to use 4 metre sails all week and facing the gnarliest bump and jump conditions available. No problem, still quicker than Tricky Wicky.
The badger uses the following set up:
Mast base in centre position no matter what size sail.
Straps inboard.
Single strap at the rear.
Natty rash vest.
Dresses to the left.
The Badger weighs 65 kilos having recently eaten too much at the Nasima in Dahab.
The Badger would heartily recommend the jp supercross to you for the type of sailing and conditions you have described particularly the overpowered bit.
Regards B

Boy that was closssspllaaattt !!!!

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