putting the sail mast together on a windsurf

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14 years 5 months ago #1256 by transom
hello everyone,
can some one tell me how to put sail mast wishbone battons together and which way round the battons go fat end to the mast i would think .
Also there is adjustment for the battons like on a rucksack then on the loop there is another plastick thing with a square block the battons go in but the square blocks seem the wrong way around a little video would probbley be perfect

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11 years 11 months ago #1668 by Poole Windsurfing
The order for rigging up is:
1. Un roll the windsurf sail
2. Slide mast into 'luff' of sail (the front tube in the sail)
3. Thread the downhaul rope (at the foot of the sail)
4. Clamp the front end of the boom onto the mast at about shoulder height
5. Thread the outhaul rope (at the back end of the sail)
6. Adjust both downhaul & outhaul to suit conditions / preference

Modern sails are actually very easy to setup, you just follow the manufacturers specifications & recommended settings & you cant go wrong!

By the sounds of it you are using an older 'cambered' sail which will feel like a bit of a handful.
The fat end of the cheese wedge 'cam' does go to the mast end.

The battens are pulled tight with the webbing you describe to give the sail a better shape.

Hope this helps.

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