Weymouth 1/2 April Weekend

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Replied by Tim on topic It was fantastic
Well everyone it was fantastic. I sailed 4 days on the trot.

Thursday: from the Esso Garage on Hayling, on my own.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Weymouth Portland Harbour, 7 of us.

Mike road tested his newly reinforced limb, with full success. One from our group - Paul - got washed away to be rescued by a local RIB from the sailing club. I had the best gybe and reach session ever. Rob and Mike both got 50km/h or thereabouts. Phil got on his 95 for the first time. Dylan and his mates took the photos. And everyone had a big smile achieving some very fast speeds on the speed strip right up by the beach.

Friday was a bit dull but fine for 6.5 or a 7 and a good "warm up". Although talking around people were a bit disappointed there was not more wind - "Overcombe, arhhhhghhh.... it's 'onkin overrrr theyrrrr". As we packed up it absolutely hammered it down. We'd already checking in to a little B&B - £20 a night.

Saturday morning was gloriously sunny. A trip to the cafe for a big breakfast and onto Portland. The wind a little light. Again 6.5. After half an hour it dropped off, resulting in the usual backwinding and most others going for a rest. Then it came back and built through the day. We all packed arounf 1:30pm with the falling tide. Lunch, derig and into the pub for a couple of ales, and a chat about the ghost. Although the ghost has since left due to Phil's exhorsist farts - enough to get rid of any spook.

Sunday - another early start, suprisingly after a few bevvies and a mexican. Same again, no San Miguel, no same again, eh, errmm, what did you order, could you say that again? Sunday was fab wind and the weather was great. I even got a tan. There were about 30 or so sailors; taking full advantage of the ideal conditions. I've never gone so quick. The Davies' Sara and Pete were to be seen along with other specialist speedy merchants, and various slimline boards.

Pretty much a perfect windsurfing weekend.... Portland .... if you've not been there go, or you'll never know.... :)

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