Easy waveriding spots in Cornwall

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Hi guys. I'm Fabio from Waterwind.it.

I need some information about windsurfing in Cornwall.

From the 22nd of july to 1st of August, I'll be on holiday in England. After four days in London, I will be in Cornwall (I'll be based near Penzance).

Even if it won't be a windsurfing holiday (I will be there with my family), I would like to have some windsurfing sessios, since I saw that Cornwall coast is magnificent and offers lots of spots to do windsurfing... and I am windsurfing addicted! I won't take my equipment with me (only harness, boots and wetsuit), but will hire board and rig.

It would be nice if I could try some easy wave spots. I am an interdmediate windsurfer (good planing tecnique, no problem with waterstart, some power jibes), and I really would like to try to begin waveriding, with good and long swell (but no more than two meters high), and sandy beaches around. I mean I need safety conditions to begin. Are there any proper spots for that?

Last but not least, is a 4 mm wetsuit right for water temperature of that period? Or should I go for a 5 mm?

Any other suggestings will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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