Olympic wash up

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11 years 11 months ago #2011 by NeilT
Olympic wash up was created by NeilT
So the biggest waste of my time ever sat in front of a telly finally nears its end. Overall then it was the dogs conkers. Plenty of plaudits due to all and sundry: volunteers, armed forces, plod, Coe and his mates, and the Great British unwashed who went all out for it.

More interesting will be the brickbats, who in my opinion should be thrown at the following:-
Aidan Burley: You might expect judgement to be one of the more important attributes of an MP - something he sadly lacked

BBC News: For all the doom-mongering they managed to come up with before the Olympics, all leading to their conclusion that everything will be a shambles and everyone should pack up and go home. G4S - a LOCOG shambles and security at the Olympics is doomed (they seemed to forget that the contingency plan moved smoothly into place and that the armed forces and police might even provide better security than G4S). Heathrow imigration will be a shambles and athletes will die of starvation before they enter the country. London will grind to a halt and no one will get to an event on time. And perhaps their greatest coup was the world breaking news of an Olympic bus full of athletes taking a wrong turn. The News lot must have been really pissed off that we ended up with all those medals otherwise they could have banged on about that.

The Unions: and all the other parties that happened to be planning industrial action during the Olympics ( the timing co-incidental of course).

The UK Football Associations: For their mean-spirited support to the Games proving that all they are interested in is their own tawdry existence. Such a shame that Stuart Pearce and the lads went all out for it and only ended up maintaining our world No1 spot at losing at penalties.

Carry on.

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11 years 10 months ago #2015 by admin
Replied by admin on topic Re: Olympic wash up
You should have read what the New York Times said about the London Olympics. Made me chuckle.

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11 years 10 months ago #2016 by NeilT
Replied by NeilT on topic Re: Olympic wash up
Was it this one:-

Britain Takes a Final Bow

" a borough of London transformed from a toxic dump"

Phelps' trophy - " piece of pewter shrapnel stuck to a base"

Top stuff :)

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11 years 10 months ago #2031 by NeilT
Replied by NeilT on topic Re: Olympic wash up
So how do the government get out of the hole they've dug themselves on the issue of gongs for medals. Does everyone with 2 golds become a Sir or a Dame? What about an Olympic Gold and a US Open Tennis Championship - MBE?. I'll have you know I've got a cycling proficiency badge - that's got to be worth something.

When they gave awards for long time commitment to some charity or other the metric was usefully vague, and justification for giving or not giving an award could be painlessly argued. Sporting achievement in the Olympics can be unambiguously measured so it ought to be tea and medals for everyone.

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11 years 9 months ago #2072 by galeforce8
Replied by galeforce8 on topic Re: Olympic wash up
everyone getting a medal should get a gong, and Wiggo should be made Lord Wiggo of Sideburn....

Sports personality of the year should be Seb Coe for bringing the olympics !

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11 years 9 months ago #2075 by NeilT
Replied by NeilT on topic Re: Olympic wash up
Well I'm certainly still with Sir Bradley of Wiggins although the bleedin' golfers have now stuck their oar in and Mcilroy could be young and photogenic enough to get the support of the popular press. Luckily Kaymer finished the match off so at least we don't have to suffer the issue of a Brit making the winning putt and putting himself in contention for SPOTY.

I reckon Farah and Ennis are the main contenders from the Olympics but it will be a difficult decision balancing who deserves the prize. Le Tour is an annual opportunity and requires a team to get you past the post. The Olympics is a once in four years opportunity, with most athletes getting two, maybe three, goes at getting a gong.


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