Luck and do you believe in it Poll Test.

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Poll: Is Phil104 just unlucky or does he work at it

Just Unlucky
1 25%
He works at it
1 25%
On a ship he would be called Jonah.
1 25%
He is neither lucky or unlucky.
No votes 0%
There is no such thing as luck
1 25%
Total number of voters: 4 ( graemef, phill104, Erik the Viking, paddy360 )
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12 years 5 months ago #1859 by graemef
Just thought I'd test the Poll function.

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12 years 5 months ago #1861 by Erik the Viking

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12 years 5 months ago #1862 by phill104
Well there has been a lot of good luck over the years.

5 years in a Job where I got paid full time plus on-call but only really went in when something went wrong, probably once a month. My boss used to ring me from the golf course just so he could justify his position as a boss. His PA popped in once a month to do the payroll. Most of the time when my boss rang me I was fishing as I had not yet got hooked with windsurfing. Went a bit wrong towards the end when the new owners expected us to work, the cheek of it. As luck would have it I was being headhunted for the next job as per below.

9 years in the next job that was basically the same but I needed to work a couple of hours each day. Most of those hours were spent quite near the lake. There was a bit of overseas travel for which I always took the car where I could loaded with my WS kit. Went a bit wrong when the company wanted to TUPE my role so I applied for a different internal role which I got as luck would have it

2 years in this role so far. On the downside I have to spend more time in the office but get paid more and do less hours for the wage. Still getting plenty of time off to go windsurfing mid-week so quite lucky there.

So career wise I have been lucky. Health wise too apart from the gall bladder thing. Not broken any bones yet, never bruised my ribs etc.

2 kids who are growing up really well so lucky there.

Having said all that I remember the first time Grumpf took the piss. That was when I got my thumb trapped in the steering wheel adjuster of a hired Ford Focus at the traffic lights. I seem to recall his comments about a photographer and focus etc. He's kept true to form ever since.

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