Pirili Beach by Paul Sayer

Pirili Beach by Paul Sayer.

The resort is absolutely amazing - really beautiful setting.
Accomodation is in loads of crazy separate houses scattered around in the hills and trees, each with it's own 'theme' and style. The bar looks directly over the beach and sailing area. The water is really warm.
Basically it's stunning - different world to the scummy hotel at javelin.

Only problem is the sailing area is crap. Tiny, gusty little sailing area between the beach and the island, which is smaller than it looks in the pics. The wind rarely gets up to proper windsurfing strength, and in the bay there just isn't room to sail any kind of performance boat.

If you are good enough (obviously you are, but I doubt either mum or the girls are), you can sail upwind over a reef and out upwind of the island. We scored an epic session here my first season - once you're beyond the island there is about a 10 mile fetch upwind so you get massive rolling swell. It's pretty awesome when it goes off, but I think this rarely happens (maybe we were lucky), and you need to be confident enough to sail upwind over an urchin-y reef, then blast around confidently waterstarting dead upwind of big chop breaking onto a rocky island. Not mother's terrain I don't think.

So it really depends what you want out of the holiday:

If you go with more of the 'traditional sunsailer' approach, it really is the best resort by a country mile. For just chilling out you can't beat it - there are little cushioned areas hidden everywhere around the beach, it has it's own sauna and turkish bath, the bar is cool (though it serves tuborg which gives you the shits). Basically it rules - it was perfect for us just to get away from javelin for 2 days, lie back and chill out.

If you go with the approach I expect you to go with, you may find it slightly disappointing. All of you are good enough sailers to find the bay limiting at least. Mum/em/jess may find the windsurfing frustrating as they may not be good enough to get up beyond the island, and can only doodle around in the gust zone (quite amusingly they have a spot called the Black Hole, where there quite literally is zero wind. Ollie sailed into it and had to swim out while I sat on my board laughing at him!)

I think you'd have more fun at the new club vass.