EFPT Lanzarote: Yentel Caers takes Point-7 to victory again!


The Belgian Point-7 Black Team freestyle superstar Yentel Caers took victory in the 2018 edition of the EFPT Lanzarote. After two extremely exciting double eliminations, with tight races and high scores dropping heat after heat, the Black Team rider could mark down his second EFPT win within a week. After winning the event in super flat water in Fuerteventura Matas Bay, Yentel manages to be at the top also in super wavy conditions.

Andrea Cucchi: “Proud to have Yentel in our team, who has shown dedication in sail development, hard training and keeping us connected at 360° with the freestyle world growing more and more in the Point-7 program! Go Yentel!”

Yentel Caers, Bel 16 “I’m over stoked. I was sitting in second place after the first double, and to win has been an amazing surprised. I love my 4.4 Slash, and when I’m on it I love squeezing it to the max in each move. I can’t wait to compete in Fuerte again in few weeks and see how that will work out!”

Next event for Yentel will be the first PWA freestyle event of the year in Fuerteventura at the end of this month.

Thanks to ‘The Wave Hobbit’, our Rusell Groves, we have today and exclusive interview on topics you will be finding interesting to read.

Talking with Yentel when he was on Lanzarote for the EFPT freestyle Pro Tour. Las Cucharas is a wave spot giving a large variety of water conditions. We laugh sometimes, as many people get panicked and say I only sail flat water. The waves and swell are massive. My reply is, it is flat water, it is just that our flat water is at 45º

TWH:The moves are the moves and most of them can be done in all conditions. Do you change the way you do a move, depending on the water state? Flat water, chop or wave.

YENTEL:Of course you change the way you do moves depending of the conditions, but I think I  change the moves I do more. Flat water I will try to do everything double are even triple but in shop I will try different moves with more airtime and i waves, the jump moves will show up

TWH:On flat water speed is the key. It’s why we use Point-7. We see many videos of you in supper strong wind and mirror flat water having a lot of fun. In waves speed is also the key to do the incredibly high jumps. So, in Las Cucharas we see classic wave jumps in the heat, but do you still go as fast for the classic freestyle moves?

YENTEL:Speed is a big part of the skills, as you go fast you release the power and you can keep bigger sails, so you can go bigger as well. As I love to do a lot off double, triple pop moves I want to go as fast as possible. Yes, in Lanza you will see the same kind of sailing from me.


TWH:In wave conditions, going out is very different to coming in. Is choosing moves that you can do on both tacks harder? On flat water it must be easier, especially the multi combo moves.

YENTEL:My starboard tack is my better freestyle side and port my better jump side so Lanzarote gives the perfect combo for me.

TWH:I love freestyle boards in waves, but many people say that they do not turn and bounce to much because of the high volume and width. People may also say things about the Slash being a freestyle sail. What are your thoughts on this?

YENTEL:Freestyle gear stays freestyle gear it’s made to be able to go out in everything a bit. But mainly in freestyle conditions. Freestyle boards are also really fun for jumping, wave riding is a bit less but still you can have fun on it


TWH:Going down or along a wave generates speed, even when the wind is very light you have enough speed to do manoeuvres. Is this useful in Las Cucharas to fill your score card? Which move/moves would you do in this situation, if you were not sure that they would cancel the heat?

YENTEL:This is a hard question, but I will mainly go for moves as spock culo double culo….

TWH:The same can be said about going out. You have enough speed to be just planing and a steep ramp pitches in front of you, What moves would you do?


TWH:I am a wave sailor and waiting for the set or the best wave is important. In a heat, do you have time to wait and select the best wave? Or do you have to just do your run and take what you get? This could be the winning factor here in Costa Teguise.

YENTEL:Freestyle heats are way shorter than wave heats so we don’t have time to wait. So it’s important to just keep going and see what you get and make the best off it.

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