Junior and Youth Storm Chasers

RYA Scotland held the Tiree Wave camp for junior and youth windsurfers in partnership with Wild Diamond Tiree and the British Wave Sailing Association (BWA). The event provided coaching for some of the newest windsurfers in the UK and to be part of the World’s longest running windsurfing event with some of the best windsurfers gathered at the mecca of wave sailing.


The enthusiastic young windsurfers arrived over the weekend of the 14th October to a very exciting forecast. The TWC had not seen such a forecast in a long time and anticipation was high for some classic conditions.

The young wave heads cracked on with a fantastic five days of training and competition which included windsurfing in some new locations for the team. image

This included the legendary Maze and a fantastic last day of competition at Balephuil beach alongside the main event and all the fleets sailing together.


Two full days of training in some pretty extreme weather followed, the coaching team surpassed themselves allowing every young sailor to safely learn so much about high wind sailing as well as how to look after themselves in the waves.

Calum Nicol, RYA Scotland Lead Coach said.

“The level of enthusiasm has been exceptional this year, and I have been blown away by the level of the sailing, it has been a significant step up this year! The conditions have been challenging Storm Ophelia gave us a few challenges especially for the new kids on the camp, but they stuck with it and by the end of the camp it was great to see everybody sailing in the waves. The coaching team was once again fantastic, motivated and real role models who kept the kids motivated throughout the week.”


Calum also commented on the huge effort to make the event happen. “A huge thanks to all the parents for bringing the kids. Big thanks to RYA Scotland and to our partners Wild Diamond and the British Wavesailing Association for all the help and support and a special mention to The Mailing Room for sponsoring the event.”

A big part of the event is the evening entertainment which this year was a bit special! Film night always brings a crowd, but this year with the event HQ being An Talla community hall we had a very full house. Special guests from around the world of windsurfing sent good luck messages to the youngsters. As well we were graced by most of the Pro fleet enjoying some down time after a long days windsurfing.


Our pinnacle evening for the Juniors and Youths is the “Meet the Pros” night which kicked off with staggeringly the whole fleet coming along to meet the kids. image  All 21 of the Pros from around the world including UK and the world’s elite windsurfers got a chance to have a chat with some very excited kids and parents. Lots of signing and questions for the Pros to answer. It was great to see so many people engaging in the event.


Top French Pro Sailor Julien Taboulet commented

“This is fantastic to see so many kids involved in this event, I am completely stoked for the future of Wavesailing! It’s been great to meet the kids and hear their enthusiasm for the sport, the camp is an excellent idea and I hope to see these guys riding on the waves with me soon”


After two rounds of hard fought Wavesailing on two different beaches we crowned the Youth and Junior wave Champions. With some stand out performances form all of the sailors involved it was very impressive.

The TWC Head Judge, Mark Hosegood “Sparky” said:

“It has been fantastic to get the Juniors and Youths out, two days of competition. And we have seen some fantastic wave riding. With them being a little bit smaller they have excelled in the lighter conditions.” “They look like they are loving it” he went on to say “It’s been a great experience to work with such motivated kids”


Of particular note was the performance of Ruaraidh Somerville, 13, from Lenzie, who took the Youth title. Fantastic performance from a very enthusiastic sailor. The three youths where in hot pursuit but couldn’t quite score the perfect wave.


Ruaraidh was delighted to have won the event and commented “What an amazing week, we have some great conditions with storm Ophelia battering the Island. The level of competition was fantastic hats off to my fellow competitors! I am completely stoked to have won! It was also very special to sail at the legendary Maze.”


1st - Ross Mauritzen

2nd - Eilean Mauritzen


1st - Ruairidh Sommerville

2nd - Arron Hobb

3rd - Andrew Budge


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Authors: Royal Yachting Association News | T15

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