The level on the PWA Slalom World Tour is incredibly high right now. In facts it’s probably fair to say that the level has never been higher such is the competitiveness of every heat. This year Maciek Rutkowski (Tabou / GA Sails) managed to earn himself a place in the top 16 again for the first time since 2014 and he’s broken down his performance into numbers.

Maciek Rutkowski breaks into the overall top 16: 

PWA World Tour Slalom 2017: 16th

Sure, my goals were higher. 

Sure, I can do better. 

But its the absolute pinnacle of racing on a windsurf board we're talking about here. The 64 best guys in 7 different venues with different conditions around the world. The level right now is crazy - one little mistake and you're out, no matter if it's the final or the first round. And that's kind of how the whole year went for me, most events I did one small mistake too many and the event just slipped away. But I guess that's the beauty of it, you can never do it perfect. And while I strive for perfection for the future, let me acknowledge and enjoy the present. After all, top16 in the world ain’t that bad, is it? 

Rutkowski’s Season in Numbers:

 Couple cold stats from my 2017 PWA World Tour Windsurfing season. I marked the ones I feel I need to work on the most:

*eliminations sailed: 32

*heats sailed: 79

*finals: 8

*runner up finals: 8

*best result in an elimination: 4th

*worst result in an elimination: 48th

*1st round success rate: 100%

*2nd round success rate: 82%

*3rd round (quarterfinal) success rate: 50%!!

*4th round (semifinal) success rate: 50%

*premature starts: 7!!

*overall rank: 16th 

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