Techno Junior European Championships

13-22nd August 2019, Israel.

RYA information and Recommendations.


The event is being held in a local Boarding School –all sailing, food and accommodation is in one place.

The School is surrounded by a fence and is guarded 24/7. There will also be another internal perimeter provided for the event site during the event. (Equipment store, slipway, racing office, Coach Boat zone, spectator zone are all within the secured compound).


Full board accommodation at the venue is 70 Euros per day, including 3 meals. (Official Notice of Race is not yet available).

Accommodation for families –The alternative accommodation for officials and families that are recommended are in Hadera and Natanya. (Hadera is 25 mins North of Michmoret and Natanya is 25 mins south of Michmoret) driving is described as being ‘erratic’ with frequent accidents so the RYA would not recommend families travelling out and staying here as they would need to do this drive twice a day for the duration. Public transport is available but not much information is given on timings, routes or safety.


It is not clear from the information provided if there is the opportunity to charter boards but ‘Equipment’ is listed in the ‘cost for racers’ section so there may be an opportunity to charter kit but confirmation is needed.

The RYA has sent an enquiry regarding RIB charter and are waiting to hear back.


The RYA would plan to fly the team out on Saturday 10th August, have 2 days training then fly home on Friday 23rd after the event finishes on the 22nd.

Suggested flights:

Outbound Saturday 10th August from London Luton Airport at 0715-1415 arrival in Tel Aviv.

Return Friday 23rd August from Tel Aviv at 1510 – 1840 arrival in London Luton Airport.

Airport transfer. Private shuttle transfers can be arranged from the airport in advance. It is approx. a 50 minute journey from the airport to the Venue.

Location and Security

Transfer from airport to Venue is roughly 50 minutes and appears to be away from any specific ‘danger’ zones. Any reports of frequent terrorist attacks or issues on roads are away from where the team would need to travel. Once at the venue they then do not need to travel again until their return journey to the airport. (The school will organise tours if they are requested but at an

additional cost and at the Sailors own choice). Government advice says that Terrorists are very likely

to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel. This often includes places frequently used by foreigners and on

public transport.


No visas are required for entry into Israel, visitors are allowed 3 months in the country with no visa.

Passports MUST be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Israel. The advice given is

to book an appointment with your Dr 4-6 weeks before travel to ask about any vaccinations that

may be needed.


Government advice is that you should expect lengthy personal questioning and baggage searches by

security officials on arrival and departure from Israel. Electrical items may be taken from you for

security inspections. These will either then be stored in the aircraft baggage hold or returned to you.

The advice states that ‘damage may occur’ so unless it’s vital, the RYA wouldn’t recommend taking

laptops etc.

RYA recommendation:

The RYA is currently planning to support a small team; 1 RYA Manager, 1 Coach, 3 Male & 3 Female

Sailors on a residential basis (10th – 23rd August) to be reviewed when necessary.

The Techno Class is advised to consider the risks associated with attendance and probability of

security situation changing which would result in the team being withdrawn at late notice.

The RYA is not in a position to support sailors outside of any team it may support.

The RYA is not in a position to support any parents.

The RYA would not advise sailors to attend this event outside of any recognised team or support


Authors: UKWA News

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