Online Entry Delay

We apologise for the delay regarding the online Barclaycard payment system. When we switched from our test account to our main live account yesterday, we found errors in the system where payments were declined. After contacting Barclaycard were informed that the NWF merchant account had mistakenly been closed due to a miss communication late last year. Barclaycard agrees they are at fault and have apologised. Unfortunately, they also informed us that the account could not be reinstated but instead, we have to apply for a new merchant account.

This process was started yesterday, however all of the above could take up to a month or more to process which is my eyes is unacceptable. A vast amount of work has been completed regarding the new entry system with the various camping and event field options, so to explore an alternative online payment system at this late stage plus not to mention all the press releases which have been distributed about entry, is extremely disappointing.

We could go with an online booking agency however the price will most defiantly have to increase, so left with limited options we have decided to open the entry using a BCAS transfer into the NWF Events account. This will mean a slightly longer payment process by the user, which I can only apologise for.

We are working to reopen the entry system Weds 7th Feb

Thank you for your understanding and patience and I look forward to seeing you all in June at Rutland Water.

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